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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Glance on New Proton MPV 2009

Proton MPV Wallpaper 11. After many postmortems, try-and-error putting parts in an out on couple of innocent Toyota Wish MPVs, now Proton can come out with its own version of MPV, with good safety consideration. Quite an achievement eh. The release date will be around early next year (2009) but will be on road for testing on September this year but now is almost coming to the end of September. So have you spot one of this mysterious MPV? Me not yet. Maybe they will test it on full scale after raya, lets hope for that, since no point Proton test the MPV while all the staffs busy with Raya preparation.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 2
Proton MPV Wallpaper 32. Anyway, do you like the Proton MPV design? For me, it is just great for the first version. Wait up, I always refer to Proton MPV MPV MPV repeatitively, does it come with a name yet? Well, just wait for it as Proton officials said they will anounce the name somewhere on October 2008, so have you send out your suggestion name entry yet? Yes or no, I dont care because I will never win this kind of contest, I have this bad luck, so I dont want to know.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 4
Proton MPV Wallpaper 5
Proton MPV Wallpaper 63. "Hey hey you missed out something that so important" What's that? "It's the price, come tell us". Uh well, uhh you know, this is MPV. I can say it will be less than RM100k. No point Proton make this superb MPV but at the same time majority of Malaysia population do not afford to pay the price. Heard it will be RM70k but dont give hope on that. Good news is there will be competitor from Perodua automaker on MPV release, so price will be affortable right? Ok got to go now. I'll update when I have more crucial information.

Don't you agree? Feel free to add and comments..

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Mat said...

memang cun!

huda said...

POWER WINDOW ok tak...

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

what do u expect. its proton maaaaa... :D

Anonymous said...

the car head look like lotus..
body look like wish + grand livina.
i’m reli a toyota fans ,,toyota wish still the best.
be creative la proton & not innovative oni!!
give us our Dream car.!

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

innovative is ok la..korea car manufacturer also used to be ciplak other design first but now u know la. they are one of the leading manufacturer in world..

Anonymous said...

r u guys stupid? copying other's master piece and destroy the good elements in it to replace it with rubbish made in malaysia. argh terrible country!! where is consumers' right? where is the love? so government can force their product to us the way they want it and we have to buy it because of the fucking price? fuck it! proton is the worst car in the world, perodua is better, slightly !

Anonymous said...

proton is making million and the ppl are losing money to them thanks to their poor car with ugly design! watch Top Gear stupids!

they destroy malaysia car and yea, i like it! proton factory should be bombed and burned to ashes! fuck proton fuck u !! hahahha

i am just kidding, u know i love ur ugly ass!

Anonymous said...
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Supeman said...

Actually Proton is the only Car manufacturer in Malaysia, in fact the whole of South East Asia. As a Malaysian I am proud of Proton's achievements. The others are just assemblers. In 8 years they came out with 6 new models, in only 19 years they made their own engines. Well done proton.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

please watch ur language..don worry about your anonymous thing as I can track your IP address.. so watch ur mouth when u comment..thanks..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ok sorry

just got angry cause we have a iswara that has holes in the gas tube and the proton guys didn't do anything!

i should keep quiet ? no right? supression is ur peace? u r not that open i guess

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

im not open if u venturing into sensitive issues. period. Grrr.

but if u want to trash out about cars, go ahead! im okay. :D

Anonymous said...

fucking national car, poor safety system causing how many death and injured on the road. many lifes can be safed if they concern of safety issue.ya, cheap price produce cheap car, but minimun safety standard like abs brake and airbag is nessecesary. starting in 1991, all u.s. vehicle MUST have air bag in law. and our country...alamak. so, in this country no money, you die faster.

Anonymous said...

janganlah, tunggu berapa tahun barulah beli proton, take care of your life

Anonymous said...

Proton build quality is sub- standard, safety? no need to explain anymore it is "keranda tayar 4 or aluminum can with wheels". Another thing which bug me, is why for export version, is full with "additional safety features", accessories, etc2 but for local market only barebone version. Then if we buyer(local buyer) want additional features, it will cost us extra hard earn money. As we Malaysian is expendable.

Furthermore, if barebone why so pricey. Proton should lower the price to remain competitive.

Proton should listen to consumer's criticisms and take it as challenges and improves Proton's products and quality of work.

Long time ago I seen a nissan sunny was hit my honda accord from back at 70 km,.. guess what? that nissan sunny still intact, only little damage to rear lamp and bumper.

Imagine if it was proton car, the whole bonnet will severely damaged and surely will injure the passengers.

I'm not being an anti proton here but as a consumer, I think I the right to express this issue.