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Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Useful is the Roadside Assistance?

Honda Civic EK4 White

1. Have you ever experience car break down in the middle of night and nobody to contact too? I didn't have it yet but wish not to have that kinda creepy experience. Do you want it? I guess not too eh. This is where we need some roadside assistance called us fidelis. They can tow your car to the garage at any time and anywhere.

2. "Wait dude, what the heck is us fidelis anyway?". Well, I can say it is one of many useful agency that can help you during car break down. Besides assisting you on the problem, they also cover your repair costs on your prefered garage. As you all know, automotive repair costs is really expensive, especially when your warranty already expired. So you definitely need this kind of service. Pretty awesome eh.

3. "How about the price?". Well I can't say it is very cheap service because the truth is an opposite. But what I can say is the service worth your money value. Plus you can tailor you own warranty plans. Still not enough? I guess you should contact them by yourself and learn the benefits provided by the service. I'm here only can suggest but the dicision is yours to make.

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Anonymous said...

good display picture but suck article. no offense dude.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

haha im trying okay..