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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Case of Fatal Accident - What Will You Do?

Fatal on Road1. As title says, what will you do when suddenly being in the scene of any fatal accident? First, you must be shocked, and it is normal for normal person. Then what? Below is some procedures recommended by a safety officer:

2. If the person is still alive, please asking help from medical officers or somebody with at least know first aid skill.

3. Don't remove the victim's body due to it might worsen the injury. However, if the body is near some other hazard such as machine, burning stuffs, or whatever that you perceive it as a hazard, you could change the relocate of the body.

4. If you have doubt whether the victim is still alive or not, please find help from those who know the skill.

5. If the victim is confirmed being dead, please cover the body with any sheet (better with some kind of cloth, but newspaper is good too if you got no choice) to prevent any trauma by those who being on the scene and also to give some respect on deceased's private part.

6. However, open a little bit space on the victim's feet to show to people that there is dead body laid on the place. Also, please mark the location of the deceased body with any rope or anything to help authorities for their case report.

7. The rest, please leave it to the authorities..

8. Hopefully this piece of information will be helpful. This post is tranlation from one Malay article on OSH The Journey. So no wonder the words sounds a little bit weird, oh maybe most of them are wrongly translated. I'm suck at translating. Period. Haha.

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Liza said...

thats true, everybody needs to know what to do during this kind of emergency accident. thanks for sharing.