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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 Spotlight

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 11. Toyota has suprisingly released new model of Corolla without telling us the hint. The mule version has been spotted by people on the road and shocked many of them. Somebody manage snap shots and sent me the pictures which what you seen at the moment. Since it is still on testing model, the car parts was wired together. No wonder many people were shocked.

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 22. From the plate number, it has been an honour to Malaysia for being a host for Toyota to test his unique Corolla model prototype. This type of testing is indeed hazardous to other road users. You can't predict when will the parts falling apart, as they are just connected by wires, remember?

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 3

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 43. I wonder how such car can be allowed on the road. The car is indeed hazardous to the people but where is the enforcement? How the car get the road tax and so on. These are indeed a mystery to all of us...Think..

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Anonymous said...

haha i thought toyota will release new corolla model. but it is not.

this is a funny one. cheers!

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

just want to make some gimmick

Anonymous said...

hi, this is not funnyla.

Its embarassing to Malaysians.
whats is JPJ doing? Traffic police?

gosh...Malaysia, laughing stock again...

And Miros...did you call up the JPJ to stop this road hazard?

makan gaji buta je ke! ... cepat, contact JPJ...