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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Proton Persona NGV is Released in Thailand. Malaysia?

Proton Persona NGV Wallpaper1. Proton Persona NGV or so called CNG has been launced in Thailand few days ago. The Persona CNG will be able to run on both petrol and compressed natural gas, a fuel which is also available in Malaysia and though limited in availability. CNG is very popular with taxis because of its cheaper price. The question is why not in Malaysia, the home of car maker? Another question raised could Thais got Discount Auto Parts on those just released model?

2. "Dude forget about that, what the heck is CNG actually, I know NGV errr not". Huh don't worry it is expected though. CNG means compressed natural gas and NGV means natural gas vehicle. Both actually refer to the same meaning, only difference on the matter of words and precision. This is I'm not mistaken lah.

3. Sorry for swaying on a little bit off topic. "Psstt which one is more difficult on getting? Proton parts or Nissan Parts in Malaysia". Well, I dunno dude, maybe I could say Proton's parts. That's the reason why lots of Proton cars in Malaysian roads right? Anyway, the only problem inconvenience thingy about this new model if ever released in Malaysia is limited petrol stations that offering CNG. Currently merely selective Petronas stations on Klang valley, Johor Bharu and Penang offer this kind of service.

Proton Persona NGV Wallpaper 24. You asked me on the price? I dunno. I'll update you more when I got the hint. But based on the experience, it wont be exceeded RM100k. Why should you buy car exceed RM100k where the main reason for you to buy is to save on fuel. Instead, you should better off buying a jeep car with cheaper Jeep Parts. Is it right?

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Anonymous said...

it is useless to buy this car if no NGV service provided.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said... least it is still can use petrol and while waiting for the mass gas station provider for NGV, it is good car to have..

SEO said...

well this is really a good car. I am sure this will interest you guys a lot.

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