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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Risk During Car Break Down

Car Broke Down

1. The issue has been raised recently by infamous auto club on the safety of the road users during vehicle breakdown, not necessarily on the highway only, but also on the federal or state road. What will you do to prevent something bad happening or at least to reduce the risk of getting hit by other road users?

2. There are couples of cases happening such as a driver who goes out from the vehicle to check the broke down vehicle getting hit by the heavy vehicle on the expressway. Another case is a car got onto the side barrier and the damage was not too bad because the driver could still go out and check the damage. During the checking, suddenly a car from the road lost control and hit the driver together with the earlier damaged vehicle.

3. For both cases, both innocent drivers died. Why all this happening? Remember the first rule, when you go out from the car in the middle of the expressway, you are kind of naked and you need some protection and one of the protection is to call for roadside assistance.

4. There are quite huge number of available road assistance can be found across the countries. This kind of service is indeed expensive and for your own safety, it really values your money. Plus, some of the service now offering lots of side benefits. One of those is you can get extra Petro Points where you can redeem the points to get free petrol. So what are you waiting for, please act for your own safety…

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