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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Benefits of Online Degree

Prof Radin KPT

Last 3 weeks I met Prof Dato’ Ir Radin Umar Radin, who is currently a Director General of Malaysian High Education Ministry (KPT) at MIROS Bowling Tournament. He told me that actually Malaysia’s level of high education is not that bad. Our famous universities like UM, UPM, USM have ranking of top 200 in the best international universities rank. Why he said not bad because there are 300,000 universities and colleges, even online degree colleges worldwide submit on that infamous rank and position 200/300,000 is indeed something that needs to be proud off.

Plus, something you need to know is the rank is basically surveyed based on perception. So it’s kind of bias in the first place. So now you can be proud of your country. Something that I forget to ask him is about the integrity of online degree that I believe everybody has seen the ads at many places, especially on the internet. In the verge of economy collapse in many countries, the one area that has very least affected is online business. This implies that there is definitely a vast job opportunities and earning potentials on the area which significantly need of online degree.

Many of us didn’t have much time as we are working during the days, so implicitly defines our impossibility on furthering our study for better education. One thing I notice is online degree really has flexible time schedule and really works well on people who want to further study but don’t have much time. You can also use this DegreeHound’s School Search Wizard to find the right school which work best with your interest. Maybe later I’ll ask Prof Radin about this matter. Till then, I’ll update you guys more.

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