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Thursday, November 20, 2008

BMW X6-Series 2009 Officially Reviewed

1. Enough with pretty nasty pictures on the last post, now we are moving on to the most elegance car release ever, the new bmw x6 series. Before this we had our eye locked on 2008 BMW X5 releases where even the vehicle is so stylish and I could say beautiful, the price of the car has made us jaw dropped and feeling inferior. The car itself looks like 4wd or maybe I could say like SUV. But the newly X6 series is totally different as I understand it is sports activity coupe (SAC), the first version of BMW.

2. "What is the new thing on this x6 series?" The prominent change or new feature is implementation of V8 engine with Twin Turbo technology and direct gasoline injection which is, likewise making its world debut in the bmw x6. Displacing 4.4 liters, this eight-cylinder with maximum engine output of 400 hp and peak torque of 450 lb-ft available over an unusually large range of engine speed from 1,800-4,500 rpm, is the most powerful engine ever seen in a BMW X Model. Errr the only bad thing is the vehicle will eat a lot of your gas but positively, if you could buy the car, why not you can't pay the gas right?

3. "How about the design itselt, from the picture, it looks sleek and very stylish?" In its design, the BMW X6 definitely offers all the features of a genuine BMW X Model, interpreted however, in a brand-new, extremely sporting style, not like before which is, in the design of SUV or 4WD . The design language of this new model is indeed the authentic visualization of the outstanding driving characteristics offered by the BMW X6, mainly through intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive technology.

4. About the safety features, the new bmw x6 not only includes front and side airbags as standard, but also curtain-type Head Protection System airbags at the side, protecting the occupants both front and rear from injury. Additional features include: three-point inertia-reel belts on each seat, with belt force limiters together with a belt tightener on the front seat; crash-activated headrests to prevent cervical spine injury in the event of a collision from behind, that come standard on the front seats. So what are you waiting for? Stand still like me eh..

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