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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cheap Honda Car Parts Sell USA

Red Honda Crash

1. Are you looking for cheap Honda Car Parts sell? I have no choice but to disappoint you because I think you got a wrong place for that. But I can ensure that you have come to the more interesting area and will benefits your life greatly. That’s a road safety education campaign lesson. Yeah there is a Honda crash you need to see. So be careful when you drive your lovely Honda eh.

2. From the picture, we can see that all the front of Honda Parts was broken off on the post-crash condition. What do you think it collided with? Come on, please guess. Huh you guys are really shy and static. Well, the Honda car was crashing head on with another tough car, Toyota Altis. But too bad, I don’t have the picture of the remaining crashed Toyota Altis.

3. But as far as I remembered, the Toyota Auto Parts condition was about the same with the red Honda. For me, their crash was compatible each other but unluckily for some reason, the crash took 3 deaths, might be due to high velocity impact. The accident was happening when Toyota Altis tried to overtake another car at the sharp corner with double line and ending up having frontal collision with Honda.

4. So lesson of the day, don’t ever try to overtake at double line ok, it is dangerous, not solely to you but also to other road users. Remember your loved ones!

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