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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Safety Plumbing Thought

Dallas Cool Plumbing

My friend who just recently went to United States for training has a little Dallas Plumbing problem a month ago. He told me that the snowbird upstairs his room had returned from her real home and decided to wash her dishes. The water emptied into his closet and this really pissing him off.

She just acted like nothing happening, so he called Dallas Plumber which is a local company that runs a lot of advertising. They came over and determined the old drain pipe in his ceiling is cracked. They fixed it charged him quite a good deal. But he said he doesn't want to pay since he just rent the room. It is the landlord responsibility to pay the bills. Yeah, that's making sense to me. The landlord later with reluctancy paid the bill.

I told my friend that money can't buy health. Safety is important that prevention is better than cure. So, why bothered spending some money on your safety. If we think deeper, the cost of medical treatment is helluva more expensive than the cost you spend to prevent it. So safety is important and don't stingy to spend on preventing injury occurance.

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