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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Selecting Safety Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

1. My body temperature feels so hot at the moment and I'm really feeling not well. The weather is so unpredictable recently with rain and hot day keep switching back and forth. I just return from investigating a road crash case at Johor Bharu and unluckily, the rain dropped cats and dogs when we were inspecting the scene of accident. So later, it leaves me no choice other than switching off the room hotel air conditioner and turning on a beautiful Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fan provided by the room service.

2. During my last summer days at Minnesota, I remembered that my room had quite interesting ceiling fan too, but still incomparable with any 5 stars hotel’s ceiling fans. If I were not mistaken, the brand is Hunter ceiling fans. The design was so classic and unique that in one glace, people will think that the price is very expensive, but the truth is it is affordable.

3. But if you looking for modern design, I suggest you to consider Minka Aire Ceiling Fans. Not only the price is cheaper, the design is gorgeous too. Huh how come I went too far talking about type of interesting ceiling fans. Actually the point I want to make here is when shopping for any device, please put safety thought during the selection. Even you afford to buy the most beautiful fans design, without safety features, it is useless and hazardous to yourself.

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