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Monday, December 1, 2008

Who Said Road Crash Investigator Can’t Use Sunglasses?

Polarized Sunglasses

1. I heard complaints frequently about the lavish things that road crash investigators got during their work. They said that these kind of people (road crash investigators) looks so cool and stylus at the site.

2. They have shining bright vest. They got pretty tough and rough trousers. They have expensive boots. All of these are undeniably justified to have as a safety practitioner; safety is the most priority concern at the work.

3. “Yeah I understand that, but things that I don’t understand are why you guys wear sunglasses? Is it for the style or you really needing that to do your work. I don’t see reason how sunglasses help you during investigation” Easy bro, let me explain it to you. The road crash investigators can’t use any sunglasses randomly; they only need polarized designer sunglasses. This is indeed not a cheap one. In fact, it is the most expensive one among types of sunglasses at the market.

4. Polarized designer sunglasses are looked very cool when you wear it. But that is not solely for the show. They need it as only polarized type can give you clear image and better understanding of skid mark on the road when the accident occurs. Normal observation can't be trusted all the time. You know, there are couple of road marks on the road and they have to differentiate each of them as each has specific and unique meaning behind it.

Road Skid Marks5. Apart from that, the site is not comfortable like sitting inside the office. It is really hot and the temperature will burn your skin cruelly. Your eyes need some focus. So next time, don't challenge the reason. What you need to do is just ask. :D

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