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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ford Explorer Vs. Dodge Ram Accident: 1 Killed in Springfield Massachusetts

ford explorer dodge ram1. Got this news somewhere in the Internet. These are 2 photos of an accident that happened on September 11 on Boston Road in Springfield Massachusetts. The Dodge Ram Pick-up, was attempting to pass a slower car while the roads were wet from a recent rainstorm, and he lost control and crossed the double yellow line and struck this Ford Explorer head on, ACTUALLY entering the drivers compartment. This is story from the news but I doubt that this is actually a head on collision. This is definitely a side impact collision, looking at the damage at the Ford Explorer.

2. The force of the impact, pushed the Explorer up the curbing and onto the treebelt, killing the driver who was only 18 yrs old. Oh wait, the Ford Explorer was then hitting the treebelt? Now this fact answered the banana-like damage on the side. What is the tree belt actually? I'm confused huhu.

3. There was also a passenger in the Explorer, who escaped with less serious injuries and both the 18 yr old driver and his friend were BOTH wearing their seatbelt at the time of the collision. Seatbelt can't help on this crash as the object (whether tree or Dodge Ram) was already intruded the driver compartment, which lessen the survavibility space for the driver. Hmm what we learn from this crash? Don't drive fast on the wet road, I told you many times already. Hmmm..

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Anonymous said...

Informative blogs.Nice.
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M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

i just checked with the IT staff. they are doing some upgrade of the system at the moment.

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