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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Get New Cashmere Overcoat and Learn Car Safety

cashmere overcoat

1. This is a fact that something that you have to know. Before going into that, let’s first understand the situation. Now people around the world are exciting about the incoming celebration or holidays; hanging out with friends, dinner out together, getting new clothes. Well, talking about cloth, what kind of cloth did you prefer during this winter holidays. Majority of you will prefer mens cashmere coat. It’s winter anyway right? Plus the design and look of the winter cloth is so stylus and beautiful for eyes.

2. As promised before, I want to tell you a fact that you have to consider when driving a car in a winter condition. “You told us about this, you suggest us to look onto black ice on the road and drive slowly, what else now?” Easy bro, this is not related to the road condition or winter itself, as a matter of fact this related to your car seatbelt. “What? Is it really matter?” Yeah, let me explain it.

seatbelt pretensioner3. During car collision, there is a system in seatbelt called pretensioner, which is basically will tight you on your seat. The working system is some kind of the same with airbag; Firing out when the delta V is more than 50 km/h. The problem comes is when you wear a thick winter cloth. The thickness of the cloth will increase the time for the pretentioner tightens you on the seat. So during the microsecond’s collision, this is very significant; microseconds can determine your injury severity. The expert in collision, Dr. Ali from Birmingham Automotive Safety Centre (BASC) was once told me that the ideal thing need to be done when driving a car is by not wearing any cloth! Haha but this is just too impossible right as we are quite civilized human. You could wear beautiful mens cashmere coat outdoors, in fact, I really recommended that but when you are driving a car, just don’t wear thick cloth. That’s it.

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