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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Naza Ria MPV Crash at Temerloh 12 Died 3 Injured

Naza Ria Crash1. This crash was happening on July 24th 2007 at KM 96.2 of East Coast Expressway (LPT) near Lanchang exit. At about 4:30am, Naza Ria MPV with its 15 passengers (human trafficking) was travelling eastbound towards Kuala Lumpur rammed into the rear end of a lorry that fully loaded with iron ore and was instantly pinned under the vehicle. 12 passengers were died and the remaining severely injured in the accident.

2. This was my first case. I still can remember the scene very well, smell of blood which almost made me faint. Well anyway, the first question is how could the Naza Ria MPV could sustain 15 passengers. Can you imagine it? For your information, Naza Kia is a 7-8 passenger seat MPV.

3. This is the question that still been weighing my mind. I have tried all kind of possibilities of arrangment but still looks irrelevant. The most possible arrangement is significantly violate human rights. Anyway, let's talk about something like lessons of the day.

4. Don't drive fast during wee hours at LPT as the highway will be fulled with fogs and the visibility is very low: you can't see clearly what's in front of you. You might end up like this MPV if you are not careful enough.

5. Don't overload you vehicle with extra passenger because it might effect your vehicle stability.

6. Don't mess around with heavy vehicle.

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