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Thursday, January 1, 2009

242 Caught for Not Wearing Rear Seat Belt on 1st January 2009

Rear Seatbelt Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR The Road Transport Department (JPJ) swung into action at the stroke of midnight to enforce the law on vehicle rear seat belts which came into force Thursday and promptly issued 242 summonses for failure to buckle up, at 28 locations nationwide. From the TV3 Prime News I just watched tonight, it is 247 out of about 2000 vehicles checked with rear passengers. Malaysians are not bad actually for following law. See, we can do it!

Vehicle owners and passengers will be given a six-month grace period up to June 30 when they will only be issued a compound fine of RM300 for not wearing rear seat belts.

From July 1, drivers and passengers caught not using their seat belts would have to pay a fine of up to RM2,000, serve up to one year's jail or both under the Road Transport Act.

Johor had the highest number of offenders at 95 in the JPJ operation involving 500 officers which was held from 10pm Wednesday to 2am Thursday, JPJ director of enforcement Salim Parlan told Bernama. I wonder why. Hmm Hmm I'll go check this with the road enforcers. I'm afraid that only the enforcers at south districts only do the full all out enforcements.

He said many rear seat passengers had begun to wear the seat belts, pointing out that in Penang only six summonses were issued for the offence and it reflected the success of the JPJ campaign to encourage rear seat passengers to buckle up.

The rear seat belt ruling came into force after it was discovered that almost 50 per cent of road accidents which involved fatalities and serious injury to rear passengers could be avoided had they worn the safety belts. - Bernama

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