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Saturday, January 10, 2009

From Car Allowance to the Road Crash Lesson

1. I was out with my friends today and one of them was working as a contractor. Most of the time he has to travel a lot going from places to places to meet with the clients. His company provides him with a company car and he even has car allowance to allow him to fuel up. So basically he can goes around anywhere for free.

2. I’m just wondering does he have to pay for the cost of repair if he were to involve in an accident since it is the company car. In my opinion, he should be bearing for the cost since he should be taking care of the car. Anyway, he told me that the company vehicles all have flexible and customizable Vehicle Reimbursement programs. So in any should he is involved in an accident where liability claims is needed, the company can get full reimbursement from the car allowance provider to repair the vehicle. Therefore he doesn’t need to pay anything for the repair cost.

3. I suddenly remembered about a story which happening on I-80 going westbound in Central Pennsylvania in September 2003, as told by lecturer during my study abroad. Since my friend has lot of travel, it is good for him to learn something about the risk on the road.

4. The story began when my lecturer was traveling westbound in the fast lane following the semi truck. He was about to pass a newer Buick car when this happened. There were a 76 year old driver and 85 year old passenger in the Buick car. He saw them turn on their left turn signal but they were in the slow lane (right lane). They then suddenly turned at 60 Mph right in front of the semi truck. Until now my lecturer still wondering why the old driver did that sudden swerve.

5. Then, the semi T boned them at 65 Mph. He (my lecturer) had to slam my brakes on and slid into the grassy median and called 911. He managed to take some digital pictures while waiting to speak to the state trooper who was still with the truck driver. Both women were killed and it was an incredibly ugly scened that he walked up to.

6. So lesson of the day, to my friend and all the readers, please be careful on the road, we never know what will happen as everything is just so unpredictable, especially when being around the moving trucks. You know, the collision between heavy vehicle and passenger car is never compatible. The result is usually fatal and really a mess. So be careful.

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