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Sunday, February 8, 2009

JPJ Agrees for Lorries to Carry Heavier Loads?

Haji Solah JPJJOHOR BARU: Lorries will be allowed to carry heavier loads under new guidelines being drawn up by the Government. Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said a decision on the new load was expected to be made by June and would cover lorry operators nationwide. Heh new guidelines being drawn? Who will do the job? Government? Nobody else except MIROS. so good luck MIROS!

He said the details were still being worked out by the Works Ministry, adding that it had agreed to new weight limits. Solah said the decision was being taken following requests by operators to be allowed to increase their load limit to international standards. Increasing the load means increasing the mass ratio between heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle. Increasing mass ratio means increasing chance of fatality during collision between those vehicles. Increasing fatalities means the reduction fatality vision of Malaysia is just a fatamorgana. Do people really think about this before initiate this kind of new guidelines?

They had pointed out that road conditions in the country had improved and vehicles were also better equipped to carry heavier loads, he told a press conference at the state JPJ office after a dialogue session with lorry operators here. Agree at some point but how come I still found 1960s lorry prime movers on the road?

“They have also told us about how the economic situation has affected their businesses,” he said, adding that lorry operators were hoping to lower their operating costs with the increased weight limit as they would be making fewer trips.

At present, international standards allow lorries to carry a maximum of 12 tonnes per axle, but in Malaysia, the limit is set at between eight and nine tonnes per axle. On a separate matter, Solah said the written test for those learning to drive would be simplified as many prospective drivers had found the test questions confusing. He said that while the content for the test would remain the same, the method of asking and answering the questions would be made simpler.

“Those who are illiterate and slow will also be able to drive soon as we will offer special tests for them from next month,” he said.

Meanwhile, Johor Lorry Operators Association president Leow Hock Tiap said he welcomed the move to increase the load limit for lorries. More work to be done. Huh.
Source: Thestar Online

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