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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 10 Green Cars in New York Auto Show

Last time I have posted about New York Auto Show 2009 and it was cool for you to be there. I think current international auto show trend is all about green cars show. So what is actually green car? To make it simple, "green" means an alternative fuel, not just gas-electric hybrid: natural gas, diesel, hydrogen, electric-only; two, three, or four wheels. For example, if you can get 50 mpg in a clean diesel, that's "green" in my understanding. Also, "green" also includes expensive and exotic USD75k+ electric sports cars, which means the word "payback period" isn't in the automaker's dictionary. Anyway, below are the top 10 green cars can be found in the New York Auto Show:

1. Mercedes-Benz E250 Bluetec concept

2. Fisker S (Sunset) concept

3. Chevrolet Volt

4. Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell

5. BMW X6 Hybrid

6. GM/Segway PUMA

7. Chrysler 2000 EV

8. Toyota Prius

9. Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid

10. Mercury Milan / Ford Fusion


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