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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trailer Driver Saved Using Safety Seatbelt

1. Can you imagine the incident like this? The driver saved due to he was using his seatbelt. Lucky huh? Here is the quote and details of the news:

A lucky truck driver had a miraculous escape when his lorry smashed through crash barriers and was left dangling 100ft over the ground. But Zhian Feng escaped with his life - because he was wearing his seat belt. Terrified Feng watched helplessly as his container plunged onto the street below in Chengdu, China, while his cab hung onto the barrier by just its front bumper.

Witness Lu Wi said: 'We heard an amazing bang and went out to see what was happening. 'We saw a lorry hanging over the bridge, and a man in his 40s struggling to climb out. When he got out the driver said he was lucky he had his seat belt on or he'd have fallen straight out of his open window.'

Local residents reportedly said the accident happened on a narrow stretch of road with a sharp turn which was only suitable for smaller vehicles. They said it was not
the first time lorries had had accidents there - but local road management officials insisted they were not to blame.

2. So what are you waiting for? I think this is the good example to encourage you to wear the safety seatbelt. :)


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Anonymous said...

Over the years the automotive industry has taken massive steps in vehicle safety. The only problem is that even with all these advancements there is only one safety device which allows all the others to work. At this point, society has basically created crash seats for the public through crumple zones, airbags and abs brakes. Even with all these devices the one thing that allows them all to work, the way they were intended, is a properly worn seatbelt. State governments have passed laws making seatbelts mandatory, and have even placed heavy fines on offenders, yet still today there are people that refuse to wear them, and this is especially true with teenagers. Over the last decade more then 418,000 people have died in automobile accidents. Of those, more then 60,000 of them are between the ages of 16-20. These numbers don’t include the millions of seriously injured passengers from accidents as a result of not wearing their seatbelts. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration your chances of surviving an automobile accident increases 63% just by wearing your seatbelt. Knowing all of this, people still don’t wear their seatbelts. Finally, one man has done something about this. Robert Allison, a Las Vegas based inventor, created a device that insures your loved ones are buckled in every time they get behind the wheel. Robert has created a product he calls LIFEBELT, “when installed the engine will not start unless the driver’s seatbelt is buckled. If the driver, the passengers, or children unbuckle while the engine is running, the power to the radio will be disabled and a 50db alarm will sound until all unfastened seat belts are refastened. THE SAFE OPERATION OF YOUR VEHICLE IS NOT EFFECTED IN ANY WAY.” He goes on to say that the LIFEBELT device helps to remind people of all ages to wear their seatbelts at all times, and by using his device, wearing your seatbelt will become a subconscious event just like breathing. I commend this man for creating this device, and I can only imagine the thousands of live that will be saved from this great piece of equipment.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

thanks for sharing a history of lifebelt..