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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Volkswagen L1 2010: Saving Your Fuel Budget

Volkswagen L1 11. This is such a great news to all people. In this age of stratospheric oil prices, the scientists at Volkswagen are working away on the L1 concept that will go 100 kilometres for every litre of gasoline.

2. In addition, Volkswagen is very keen on the L1 estimated hitting streets as early as 2010. However, the L1 concept can seat only two adults, one behind the other like a motorcycle and will top out at a maximum speed of 75mph (about 110kmh).

3. On a positive note, this design will make the L1 narrow enough to cut across the narrow city streets with veritable ease.

Volkswagen L1 2
Volkswagen L1 3
Volkswagen L1 4

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