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Friday, September 4, 2009

Proton Wira Horror Burnt Accident

1. The crash occured at Kajang, Malaysia and classified as single-vehicle accident. Proton Wira was believed to be speeding before hitting the middle barrier, and burnt. One occupant (rear passenger) was trapped and burned to death, while four others managed to escape the vehicle.

2. I'm not sure whether during the accident, the road surface was wet or not. If yes, it could be the reason but from the photos, it was unlikely the road was wet. Below are the photos taken by a passerby on the scene of the accident. Really scary.

Images Resource:

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Rafi said...

You have very informative site on car accident and awareness on road safety.

Yes the road was dry and it was around 2pm on Oct 2006. Thanks for posting this .. I thought I've loss the photos since I've uploaded to a forum back in 2006 :)

farghmee said...

gile ngeri..agak2 nape yg sorg lg tu xdpt kuar? tersepit ke?