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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Popular Road Kill Calendar 2010

1. Fed up with the usual calendars featuring semi-naked models, cute puppies or rural scenes? Well how about this idea - a 'roadkill' calendar featuring a run-down of your favourite animals and this kind of calendar proves surprisingly popular.

2. The year starts with a squashed squirrel, followed by a dead badger lying on the verge in February. The shots get a little more strange by the end of the year - November is a fish stranded on the roadside while December features a festive photo of an unidentifiable carcass.

3. It might seem in bad taste but it has proved a hit, with creator Kevin Beresford selling hundreds of copies already.

'The pictures are quite shocking but I've tried to take them in an artistic way and make each one into a portrait of a silent, tiny tragedy,' he insisted. The 57-year-old said his day job gave him the idea.

'I'm a courier and travel around so I see a lot of roadkill and it inspired me,' he said. 'Damien Hirst has made a fortune with dead animals so I thought I'd give it a try.'

Some shops have refused to stock it but it was proving popular with students and 'would make a good Secret Santa office present', Mr Beresford said.

News Resource: Metro UK

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