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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Toronto Woman Dies Saving Her Baby

1. The news sounds like a scene in the movie. But it is not. This is the real incident that happened in the country of Canada. This is something we need to think over, over and over again. The question is who to be saved first, we or others? Of cource, the one who sacrifices is the best of all.

2. As far as I learned, we have to save ourselves first, and then when our safety are secure, we can save others. I still remembered news about three children wanted to save their drowning brother and in the end, all four died.

In what was likely a final heroic act, a Toronto-area mother may have saved the life of her 12-week-old son at the cost of her own when she pushed the child's stroller out of the path of a car that ran a red light Tuesday afternoon.

"I think what happened, is she pushed the stroller (out of the way) and was hit by the car," said Const. Isabelle Cotton, a Toronto police spokeswoman. "I am not sure exactly if the stroller was hit by the car also."

Miraculously, the baby boy was uninjured, but was taken to Sick Kids Hospital for observation. The boy's 28-year-old mother was pronounced dead by EMS paramedics after being dragged nine metres into the intersection and pinned under the car for 15 minutes.

The accident occurred at about 12:40 p.m. Police say the mother and her baby were crossing from the southwest to the southeast corner of an intersection on a green light, when a northbound green Toyota Camry driven by an 83-year-old woman failed to stop at the red light and collided with the mother. Chris Stanfield was sitting in his SUV waiting to make a left turn when the accident happened.

"I just heard the impact and saw the stroller and that was the first thing that caught my eye," he said, adding that the woman and her baby had just passed in front of his vehicle before being struck.

"I ... saw the stroller on its side with the baby partly out of it. Then somebody handed me the baby and then I noticed the mother underneath the car."

Const. Hugh Smith of Toronto Police Traffic Services said a bystander crossing the street in front of the mother and her baby helped save the child's life.

"She heard the collision and turned around just to see the baby fall out of the stroller," Smith said. "She picked up the child immediately and then approached the gentleman in the SUV, telling him to keep it warm.

"A hero here is the woman who stopped to pick up the baby."

Police say the victim's name won't be released, pending notification of next of kin. The 83-year-old driver of the Camry was also taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

The driver likely faces charges of either dangerous driving causing death or careless driving.

In Ontario, drivers aged 80 years or older must renew their licences every two years. The renewal process involves completing a vision test, a written test on the rules of the road and signs, and taking part in a group education session.

News Resource: Ottawa Citizen

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Mark said...

Its very sad to know that woman died saving his kid. One should be very careful while driving with your kids