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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What are the Causes of Road Accidents?

1. Some people might wondering, "what are the causes of road accidents?". To answer this, we must distinguish the definition between high profile accidents (involving death (s)), and just regular road accident (slight injury or none at all). Based on statistics, almost 80% accidents reported are not involving any death. This number could be thousands cases in a year, depending size of countries and the population.

2. Why people reporting regular road accident even they do not get any injuries? Yes, the answer is insurance claiming. While I'm not trying to scare you, but there are "trolls" out there who really want to create accidents case (they don't care whether you will be alive or not) so that they can make income from other misfortune (towing truck, etc...). How they do it? See infographic below and then you will get some ideas. I personally know that this is happening at Jalan Kuching. So be careful.

Click to Enlarge :O

Source: Auto Insurance

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Indosafe Batam said...

Very Nice Info

crane trucks said...

There is so much fraud around that it is hard to discover anything genuine.Yes there are many accidents that are happening due to need for money and wanting to claim that from the insurance.But there is also a rise in the accidents on the whole.