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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is MyVap Vehicle Star Rating?

Today MyVap news has been appeared on the front page of Berita Harian. So the question is "What the heck is MyVap?" Is it a new government plan to "torture" and make use of the public?

Taken from Official MIROS website. Pioneered by MIROS, Malaysian Vehicle Assessment Programme (MyVAP) was established to elevate the degree of vehicle safety in Malaysia. This is done by escalating awareness among local car users together with acquiring roadworthy and crashworthy vehicles via non-destructive techniques. Conclusive consumer information and competitive vehicle upgrading by manufacturers will pave the path towards a new era of vehicle safety in Malaysia.

Petikan Berita Harian. Semua kenderaan baru keluaran syarikat automotif tempatan akan diberi penarafan keselamatan satu hingga lima bintang bagi membolehkan orang ramai menilai ciri-ciri keselamatan model kenderaan yang dipasarkan oleh pengeluar ketika membeli kenderaan.

Did you find this MyVap news awesome? For me, it is an advantage to us, as customers. Do you know how much and how long we have been deceived by vehicle manufacturers, especially those coming from the overseas? I have a friend who just bought a brand new Ma*** 2 car and he was really proud with it. Hell, the price is about RM85k. He claimed that his new car has 6 airbags. I'm shocked. In my opinion, as a guy who has many experience in automotive industry, Malaysia is a "bolehland", a dumping ground nation, how come he can get very decent car specification. So I decided to test-drive his car and checked whether it is true or not. If found to be true, I personally want to buy that car.

Unfortunately the result was quite devastating. The car has only two airbags but in the manual clearly stated the car has 6 airbags (You know, the price is also more expensive compared with the same unit and spec from the original country). My friend got cheated so easily since he has very minimal information on cars. How many people in Malaysia is just like him? I can say more than 80%. I want to ask you how much those people profit from your ignorant and naivety? I tell you, it's million and could be billions.

In conclusion, MyVap is one of the solution. It will help you to decide which car is safe and which car is not. MyVap is merely a stepping stone before going to high end rating system like NCAP. But can you agree that we must have started somewhere? I'm begging you to support MyVap, not only for your own safety, but for you child, and the next future generation. Love Life.

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