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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Safety - It is a Crash Not an Accident

We tend to forget that road rules are set to protect us and not make our lives difficult. Malaysians continue to engage in high risk behaviour on our roads. High risk behavior has been defined as an occurrence of event with probability of harm through, reckless or irresponsible behavior on the road.

The consequences of high risk behaviour on the roads can be damaging for the driver, other road users and their families. So, it is not wrong to say that high risk drivers are insensitive and selfish human beings who do not care for anyone, not even themselves.

Road crashes can be avoided, I use the term crash and not accident because most of the time it is never an ‘accident.’ You never accidentally speed, or accidentally drink and drive or use your hand phone while driving accidentally. We have to first understand that to crash or not to crash is in our own hands.

It is time we woke-up and realise that our ‘tidak apa’ (don’t care) attitude towards road safety can be bloody and even cause death. Understanding the key factors like speeding, driving under the influence, (DUI) distractions, fatigue and not using restraints properly contribute to death on the road, is the first step towards embracing road safety. Think road safety if not for you, at least for your loved ones.

Don’t you think lives taken on roads are lives wasted?

Source: Road Safety Ideas

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