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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Causes Most Car Accidents?

Car accidents are a tragic fact in a society that is too busy to look where they’re going. As foolish as someone looks walking into a door, people who unwittingly drive into one another, and even inanimate objects, seem even more ridiculous, as they spike their auto insurance premiums and cause serious (sometimes life-threatening) damage to others. Find out which behaviors to avoid for safer drives, and which ones cause the most accidents per annum.

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Source: What Causes The Most Car Accidents?

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Nava.K said...

Malaysian drivers are becoming from bad to worst. Accidents in return causes heavy traffic and crawling due to many busy bodies trying to see what happen.

driving school worcester said...

Auto accidents are the leading cause of death among teens from ages 13 to 19. There are several things as a parent you can teach your teen and several things as a teen driver you can do to stay safe.