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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michelin Sponsors Road Safety in China

BEIJING - Being a tire maker always committed to improving its products, Michelin says it makes safety a firm focus. The French company has issued its "Michelin China Road Safety Manifesto" in Beijing, along with the launch of the Michelin 2011 Road Safety Campaign themed "Safety, One Step Forward". As part of this, it launched a series of activities aimed at mobilizing concrete action for the improvement of road safety in China.

"Michelin's mission is to make a contribution to the sustainable mobility of humans and goods, and safety is one of the core values of sustainable mobility," said Yves Chapot, president of Michelin (China) Investment Co Ltd.

Michelin (China) has released its first handbook for tire and road safety in three tailor-made versions for passenger car drivers, truck and bus drivers, and elementary school students.

"In addition to innovative tires that ensure people's safe commuting, Michelin has also been actively raising public awareness of road safety through education programs in cooperation with various Chinese authorities and organizations. The Michelin 2011 Safety Campaign is another big step forward in our continuous efforts toward road safety for better mobility."

In recent years, as more people can afford automobiles and other means of transportation in developing countries and emerging economies including China, the potential for danger has increased.

According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, in May, road traffic accidents kill 1.3 million and injure 50 million people every year around the world, and 90 percent of those killed are in developing countries. Moreover, road accidents have become the leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 29.

In China, according to the Ministry of Public Security, 238,351 road traffic accidents killed 67,759 and injured 275,125 people in 2009, causing direct property loss of 910 million yuan ($140 million). Illegal driving, excessively fast driving, poor vehicle condition, intoxicated driving, driving while tired and poor safety awareness are the six major causes of accidents.

In light of these statistics, Chapot pledged that Michelin China would appeal to all of its employees, business partners and customers to observe safety principles and take the lead in shouldering responsibility for creating a better and safer road transportation environment.

In the months ahead, Michelin will hold a "China Road Safety Pioneer Talk" every month, "Road Safety in School" programs and "I Will" safety vow program, targeting the major causes of road accidents and vulnerable groups of people in order to educate and train the public about safety.

Meanwhile, Michelin also released China's first handbook for tire and road safety in three tailor-made versions for passenger car drivers, truck and bus drivers, and elementary school students.

Chapot said that Michelin will also play an active role in the "China Road Accident In-depth Research" project hosted by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) this year, providing exclusive technical support from the tire industry.

This program will undertake deep analysis and research into the major causes of traffic accidents in five big cities in China, providing important information to help road traffic authorities in their decision-making.

"Through Michelin's years of focus and dedicated efforts regarding road safety, we have found we share the same mission and passion. As a technical administration body in the auto industry and the technical support organization for the Chinese government, CATARC fully understands that maintaining road safety requires the common participation and common action of the whole of society," said Zhao Hang, director of CATARC.

For more than 120 years, Michelin said its primary focus has been on providing safe, reliable tires with excellent balance of performance for the sustainable mobility of humans. Michelin has also pledged to raise public awareness of road safety by launching public awareness programs globally. Recently, the Michelin Group signed the Global Road Safety Commitment to support the Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2011-2020, which is actively promoted by the United Nations.

Having operated in China for more than two decades, Michelin has brought advanced global experience in road safety management into the country, while taking full consideration of China's auto industry status quo and Chinese consumers' need for safety, and has introduced a series of products with an excellent balance of performances, together with technology and services, said a company statement.

For example, Michelin has hosted the "Community Tire Security Check" for seven years and expanded it to more than 100 cities, servicing more than 100,000 cars.

Furthermore, Michelin has been working closely with Chinese partners in a series of public education programs focused on drivers and children. In 2007, Michelin joined hands with the Road Traffic Safety Association of China in public safety education in central and western China.

Last year, Michelin held "Grow Up in Safety" childrens' safety classes in four big Chinese cities. Last December, Michelin signed a cooperation agreement with China Traffic Management Research Institute to cooperate on tire safety information and training.

Source: China Daily

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