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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Car Crash Test at 160kmh (Wow!)

Car Crash Test at 160kmh (Wow!) | Jamie and Adam (from MythBusters) become speechless at the sight of a car crashing into a wall at 100 mph or 160 kmh. Not only them stunning with the result, but also me. It is about the speed most of luxury vehicle travelling on the Malaysian expressways. Pretty scary result I would say. Watch the video and some snapshot of the 160kmh crash test. P/S: Would MIROS dare to do a 180 kmh crash test? It would be the world first and fume your name all over the world. :D

Video of the 160kmh Crash Test

Pictures of the Normal Crash Test

Pictures of the 160kmh Crash Test

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Anonymous said...

MIROS crash facility propulsion system is designed for speed up to ONLY 120 km/h. Have to install new system, then 180 km/h can be achieved.. if there's a need la..