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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why We Need Rear Seatbelts?

The topic is hot debate at the moment, so i have decide to give my 2 cents on the matter. Why rear seatbelts?

We do not want to be a killer.
1. Do you want to be one? Sure not, if you asked the same question to those who have been sent to the jail because of murder, big portion of them will say NO too unless in desperate situation.
2. They do not have choice but we have choice. Are we? "What the heck are you talking about, what is the relationship between killing and rear seatbelt. I dun see anything that relates them together!"
3. Hear this brother, my friend, my malaysian guy..During the crash, our weight will not be the same as we involve in quite significant high G. It has been said that our weight will be 40 times greater than normal during the impact. If lets say ur weight is 60kg, you will be like 2400 kg. Yes, you would be like an elephant during that time. Is an elephant weight is 2400kg?? I'll check it later. But the point is that such a great impulse force and it happens instantly. Don't trust me? see this picture:

Road Crash
4. Who do you think that do that kind of deformation on front seat?? Still don't trust me? See next:

Road Crash

5. Those effects solely can be done during the crash impact. Now you should imagine what happen to those who sit on the front seat that has been loaded with an elephant. So you still want to say that you are not a killer?? So buckle up at the back. And you could save your loved one.

We don't want to get killed.

6. Anyone here want to get killed? Yeah, if we talked about distressful and misery people who want to commit suicide, there are high chance of it. But the question is are we distressful kind of people? I'm sure not, at least that what I believe.

7. Thus, we have to value our life more. "Wait wait bro, please wait bro, so you imply that I do not value my life on road eh. I bought among the safest vehicle in the era and u said I do not take safety as my priority??!" No lah, that's not my intention. Ya'know, even the safest car can't always avoid casualities.

8. My intention is if we had slightest chance that we could save at least 1 life, we should go for it. Here is where rear seatbelt could save some life. Ah maybe you still dun understand, let me show you some picture of a case of my many cases to explain things.

Road Crash

9. This is a picture of among the safest vehicle on earth getting hit by a lorry. What can I say? The Toyota Harrier had 5 passengers including drivers. All 5 dead on the crash.

10. It is not my intention to deny God's will, but IMO, at least 1 person could be saved because she was located on survavibility space and quite far from the impact/crumpled zone only IF she wear rear seatbelt that would grip and get hold her. Let me show you how seatbelt could save life.

Road Crash

11. Watch the location of the passengers. Some of them are out of the damage profile and could be saved if they are hold on their position (by using rear seatbelt of course). However on this case, all three rear passengers were not buckle up even tho in the quite safe vehicle which provides rear seatbelt.

12. So think about it and value your life more by using rear seatbelt. Not every life can be saved, but we have to move forward to reduce the percent of fatalities on road. There is a saying, "Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan", which can be translated as an ACTION should be taken to secure our safety on roads and buckle up rear seatbelts are one of that many actions.

Don't you agree? Feel free to add and comments..

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nur khadijah said...

Doing something simple such as wearing a seatbelt can definitely save more lives. Police officers (in Msia) should really reinforce the law of wearing seatbelts instead of stopping people randomly for not wearing seatbelts dengan harapan dapat makan duit kopi. Here's an interesting video:

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

Adi, I think u shud read newspaper lah hehe..rear seatbelt punye policy is not yet on going. Still in process. This june baru fully berkuatkuasa. Frontal seatbelt policy dh lama dh, might be betul lah kot pasal duit kopi tu huhu tp tak semua and pls dun prejudice with our authorities.

Thanks for the video. Very Interesting.

Anonymous said...

sir, your English is terrible.

Please write proper english!!

i am so sorry to say. apart from that thanks for the information, at least you are trying.