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Friday, April 25, 2008

How We Could Lighten the Severity of the Crash?

Hey folks, if u are aware of the news, about 3 months ago, a crash happened between a 4WD and a car in a road construction area.

1. "Err did you say road contruction area where usually the location shud be barricaded and managed properly?!!" Yeah absolutely. "Why so?". Hmm how shud i put this eh. I think you can try ask our dear ex-minister of Public Works. He quite free at the moment as I heard. But things happen. I'll talk about construction traffic management matter later on. But lets focus on how we could lighten the severity of the crash.

Road Crash
(Courtesy to Local News)

2. "How many fatalities on this wreckage?" Syuhh, be patient. I'm about to say it. 2 died (from the car), 3 severely injured and 1 just so and so only on this crash. (Lets pray in silence for the victims....).

3. Two were dead due to having severe head injury and of course, from the post-inspection, the driver and the front passenger of the car didnt buckle up the seat belt resulting being partially ejected and get contacted with intrusion of the damage.

4. Well, if they were using the seatbelt, nothing much can be done, the survivability space was very tight already coz the accident involving crash compatibility issue and i'll talk about this matter later on too hehe.

5. Actually on this entry, I still want to talk about rear seatbelt. There is a saying that hit it while its hot.
Road Crash

6. From the picture (4WD interior), we can see the reality during the crash. The rear passenger, lets say his name is X, was not buckled up and during the crash was thrown forward and hit the back seat of Y, who was a driver.

7. Y's head instantly hit the steering wheel and bleeding profusely even Y was using his seatbelt. Fortunately, he made it to be still alive. You know why? "Yeah now i know, coz X from the back become an elephant and load the frontal seat, oh the impact also made the seat's anchorage failed and locked the driver into tight space.

8. Also, if we see from picture from the news, the crumple zone of 4WD still far from the driver, and logically he was not supposed to be injured so badly, am I right?" Wooowww, after one entry only, you already become an expert, good good..and that's indeed correct.

9. So how about the prevention action so that the event, which almost take Y's life wont happen again in the future? "Hmm what eh?" Sudah Gaharu Cendana Pula, Sudah Tahu Bertanya Pula, Cmon dudeee, i know you got the answer already, speak it up please, dun bother with people out there who still cant accept that, the most important thing you got it.

10. So? "Errr sorry to people-so-called-anti-rearseatbelt, i have to tell the truth, rear seatbelt cannot always save life..........but it can reduce the severity of injuries that will lead to death of front passenger and yourself" Good, I think I'll just make you host of this entry.

11. "In short, take care of yourself and a person in front of you by wearing rear seatbelt"

Don't you agree? Feel free to add and comments..

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