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Friday, September 5, 2008

Crash Compatibility Issue is Not a Joke!

1. I found these pictures on Internet, taken by a lucky-to-be-there profesional photographer. For me, he's not lucky because these profoundly nightmare event is not something that can be taken lightly by normal people. Me as rookie crash analyst is indeed still has this goose bump feeling whenever I went to the crash site. But not as bad as my first time went to the crash. (I almost vomit at the scene..huhu)

2. Crash compatibility is without a doubt an issue here. This can be analogized as a big watermelon hammered onton a tiny apple. What will happen to the apple in the midst of the event. Of course the apple will explode into pieces. Same thing happening to this poor black car. I'm not sure the model of the car but what I'm pretty sure, even the highest rated safety car will have no chance against this massive vehicle.

3. How this crash happening? Well, I'm not sure either because I were not there and I don't have any significant information to do the investigation but what I know is the title given by the photographer is "Don't Drink and Drive". Thus, it has higher possibility that the crash occured due to either of the drivers drink and crash onto vehicle from opposite direction. Drink is not only bad for your health, but also jeopardy other lives when you driving on the road.

4. On this case, the incompatibility of the crash is worsening the crash itself. Why is actually could the car can be wrecked like that? The answer is simple (it has complex answer but for you to understand, easy word is better). During the crash, the low mass vehicle tends to absorb more energy on the collision. The reason is it has softer body than the huge vehicle. Why? the stiff part of the lorry (chassis) hits the softter part of the car (A-Pillar), not the chassis of the car due to difference on geometry height. The amount of energy absorbed is based on mass ratio. The higher mass ratio, the worst and severe crash would be came out as a result.

5. I posted this to make a reminder to all people that anything can be happening on the road. You might be the safest driver on Earth but if others not, your life still can't be spared when driving on the road. So it is my responsibility, your responsibility and everyone's responsibility to make road is safer and better for all. Let's our next generation benefits from changes that we made today.

Don't you agree? Feel free to add and comments..

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Tony said...

Uh..scary. hope we can avoid this kind of crash in Malaysia.

jessy said...

where is this happening?

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

im not sure, but based on mark on police car, might be somewhere in south america or might be on some europe countries or maybe aussie. Hell, i donno..huhu..

jason said...


M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

dang ding dong! lol