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Monday, September 29, 2008

New Honda City 2009 India is Officially Released

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper India1. Honda has officially launched the 3rd generation Honda City in Delhi in the 25th of September, few days ago. The most awaited car, probably throughout the year has been redesigned completely with improved engines and features.

2. The new engine equipped in the new City is a 1.5L i-Vtec engine that produces a class leading power of 118bhp and torque of 149 nm while it assures a good fuel economy. The all new Honda City comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift for a more comfortable ride so that you dont have to keep changing your hands from the steering to the gear. It also come with a 5-speed manual with smoother wire type transmission.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper India 23. The new City is styled in an arrow design theme along with wide, long and low profile stance of the car that provides great stability during high speeds.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior
Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior 14. The meter panel features a fuel consumption indicator presenting instant and average fuel consumption, and estimated remaining driving range, supporting the driver to drive in a fuel efficient way like most elegant Toyota vehicles such as Harrier and Fortuner. Well thats as far as I know, I heard Proton Gen2 has this feature too.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior 25. The new Honda City comes fully loaded with all active and passive safety features including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with Brake Assist (BA), Dual SRS airbags, pre-tensioner seat belts and G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) body with a crush-proof survival zone. Honda believes that Safety of passengers and pedestrians is a first priority for Honda.

6. The price? At Thailand, the price is ranging from RM57000 to RM72000, despite of many good feature, this new car is priced reasonably. The new car will come in three variants and will be priced between Rs. 7.7 lakhs to Rs. 8.90 lakhs which if converted to Malaysia Riggit, it will be in the range of RM57k to RM66k. About the same price with Thailand! So what this is supposed to mean? Yeah, price in Malaysia will be in that range too. Hopefully :)

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Paradesh said...

yes! i just ordered and soon ill drive it. cant wait :)

Anonymous said...
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