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Monday, October 6, 2008

Car Spare Part: Is It Really Important?

Car Spare Parts

1. We hear a lot of people talking doubt about the integrity of any car parts sold in the market. Some said, “This is from Taiwan, cheap but not good”, others said, “Go buy spare parts from Japan, good originality even it is used parts”. The question is, is it really important on our cars?

2. You have to be brainwashed or got slapped on the face if you said NO. Why? Ok let me give you some example. Do you know why people prefer to buy sedan car rather than 4WD vehicle? Most of you already know but I want to clarify it more. One of many reasons is because even the price of the 4WD somewhat is cheaper or affordable, the vehicle spare parts are really expensive. It’s really killing your yearly budget.

3. Next question is which one is better, is it new or used car parts? I have a Honda Civic car and personally I prefer new car parts. Even though the price is ridiculous, well I mean expensive compare to used car parts we got from scrap yard, I feel much safer driving on newly car parts.

4. So it is better to use new parts and what I mean by new car parts is not something that coming from Taiwan, which is kind of so crappy even it is new. Look for original parts from the car maker or go buy from Japan or country where the car is made. You can seek for money, but please remember this, your life is priceless.

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Anonymous said...

another question. the answer is NO. slapped ouch.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

huh grow up dude.. haha..

Japanese Car Parts said...

Great blog on importance of car part, i can suggest you because i have been done work in firm, used car parts is not a good idea, because you get no surity of the part, however you totally said right that buy the car part from where the cars and other vehicles is making, i think japan, Taiwan is the best choice for car parts and also for new cars. thx