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Monday, October 6, 2008

Can We Win Traffic Tickets?

Speeding Ticket

1. When you reduce your speed while driving the car on road, you are indeed lower the risk of getting into any accident or at least make the crash less severe. However, driving too slow is increasing the chance of you getting into an accident too. Why? Because you are slow! So, if you afraid of getting caught go learn from this New Jersey Traffic Ticket case.

2. I know lots of people got the traffic tickets but nobody seems to know what to do next as majority of the cases is just unplanned or deliberately made. Last month I got a speeding ticket too but luckily it is what Malaysian people called as saman ekor. So no need to pay la as suggested by one of my friend. But as good citizen, I will pay it, if only if there are huge discount offered which I heard will be offered once in a year.

3. Whatever happens in Malaysia is definitely different in other countries. In New York for example, if you get caught into traffic ticket, you can easily bail it out by hiring good lawyer. This New York Traffic Ticket is currently getting useless as the authority can’t get anything out of it. The only condition is just don’t kill people. This kind of lawyer practice is still not well defined in Malaysia. Will this kind of practice will benefits us? Only time could tell.

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not slow said...

hell NO. haha.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

you will when u believe bro.. hehe.

dace86 said...

I hate speed traps.