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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debate Issue of Auto Loan?

Ferrari Wallpaper

1. I figure that so many people comes to have a dream having good and super car but in reality they just can’t even afford to have a used car. So as a solution, they made an Auto Loan which is not too bad either. You go loan some money, pay it monthly and of course with some interest, and you good to go with new used car. :D

2. Well, the bad thing is interest or so called riba is forbidden in Islam. Both that involve on the trade will got your “portion”. So don’t you dare to make an excuse like I didn’t eat riba, he (the one that receive interest) is eating the riba. But who give him the interest? It is you right? “So how I can buy new car while I can’t make an Auto Loan?” Hmm I dunno, but maybe for start, you should just go find the job, save some money, and buy a car that affordable for you in cash, maybe loaning a bit from friends who don’t charge you interest.

3. The reality is indeed, with so many impossible and unachievable dreams, hurt so many people. The question is why you even dream while you know it is just a dream. Somebody told me, “dream can make our wish come true”. Yeah I wish your words were true but it is not. Striving is the key while tawakal is the hope. Bottom line here, please avoid things that make a doubt in your heart and pursue the most confident ones.

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Anonymous said...

there is always a hikmah on why religion banned interest. see what happen to US economy now. so chaotic.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

thats only know when you feel it..