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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes + Halloween Car = Superb!

Halloween Batman

1. Halloween is just around the corner and NO, I don’t celebrate it but feel to comment on that. So I figure lots of people (west countries) already prepare for their interesting Halloween Costumes right? From many choices founded out there, I guess most people will choose Batman costumes. Why? I don’t know, it is just my instinct.

Super Halloween car2. But all these are so common, common, you deserve better than this. How about having super cool Halloween car on this weird and horror day, it will as well catch all the eyes on the road. That’s what you want to aim for on that day right?

3. There are many things to do that. First, you need money. Without money, you can’t modify your car appearance. Second, find the car shop that can paint and transform the car to your desired design of Halloween. Third, make sure all policemen in the country will not give you a hard ball. Forth, safety first and don’t be a hazardous object on the road! Not only you used the road, so be considerate okay.

4. After that, time for you to impress, to take the attention, to whatever thing you can imagine. With your interesting superb car and proper Halloween costumes, you can fairly win any Halloween contest on that day. Have it a try!

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jack said...

interesting. should let my kids try this.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

heh ur kids only could try the costumes, not the car :P