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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Play Bowling with My ex-Big Boss Prof Dato' Radin Umar

Prof Radin

1. Yesterday was a great day. I got an opportunity to meet my MIROS ex-big boss after so long not meeting him (about 5 months). He looks very busy, and more fatigue than before, well thats what he said anyway. Thanks and great job to MIROS bowling club for organizing this frequent bowling match among MIROS staffs.

2. Prof Dato' Radin before went to be Director General (DG) of Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi (KPT) was a DG of MIROS. I can say he's the best road safety expert in Malaysia and one of my great mentors. Learning from him made my daily work at MIROS is really fun and I'm feel excited even there are tons of works to do and to learn. But too bad, he went to KPT and my excitement deterioting with time.

3. If not because of Prof Wong (also one of his protegees), who is my department boss currently, I dunno where am I at this moment. Maybe I would be at one of the oil n gas companies, or any other companies that offered greater salary. But thats not happening because I feel now alive again, I found back my spirit of road safety and directional of my works. Something needed to be done for better road safety, regardless what's happening internally in the organization.

4. Huh suddenly I'm wondering of what purpose of this post anyway? I think I want to say that even very short period of time meeting with Prof Dato' Radin, my work spirit is already soaring high. IMO, another reason is I want to share his brilliant thought on our Malaysia universities and college perfomances internationally. But I guess, I just lazy to write about it coz feel so sleepy. Maybe later.

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