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Monday, November 24, 2008

Military Tanker Crashed!

Military Tanker Crash1. Who said the military tanker is so invisible and powerful? I might said before that the most safety vehicle should be tanker but the truth nobody is perfect. From the crash configuration we can say that the mammoth tanker got onto that position due to falling from the higher ground. Luckily, all occupants survived as most of them used 5.11 Tactical Jacket that slightly protect them from the severe injuries. Even small contribution counts on this kind of crash.

2. We are now should speculate of the reasons on how the tanker could fall in the first place. One reason might due to the "driver" had lack of sleep. All human has their own biological clock, even you were a well-trained soldier, you are still human. So how about us? Some of us are not going even 1 day of physical military intensive training, so how far we will go on driving at night or without enough sleep? So sleep is important and please don't take risk by driving when you feel so tired.

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