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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prevention is Better than Cure

Wear you helmet!1. Prevention is better than cure is like the infamous an oldage Malay saying which is preparing your umbrella before the rain falling. Why the term is so important especially on the road safety? Let me give you the details.

2. I don't know to put it into words but I try but giving you an example. Let say, Mr X wants to arrive as soon as possible to his office because he has a significant meeting to attend. Thus, he drive his car fast on the road. Unluckily, he got into an accident. Not only he can't attend the meeting but also he lost his both legs and consequently, he can't work anymore.

3. So in this example, where the term prevention come? Prevention is drive safety. Cure is to treat his injury and lost of job (got into an accident). So to put into long statment. Drive safety is better than losing job or got into an injury. You got it?

4. Another example of prevention is wearing seatbelt if you were in the car or helmet while you were riding a motorcycle. Both device could save your life or at least lessen the injury you would got during an accident. So please think about it and you will find out many reasons not to rush and do stupid things on the road.

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