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Friday, November 7, 2008

Red Perodua Myvi Crashed Pictures at Tapah

1. Early this 2008 year, we have been shocked in the news with a case where a Myvi hit the rear end of lorry. This is how the red Myvi looks alike after the crash. The car was indeed has a Diminished Value or in other words we can say it is a total loss.

2. We always think that who's at fault, who needs to take the blame and who's need to be responsible when a crash like this happening. But the truth is the responsible lies to ourselves. We have to set our mind to not finding others fault but instead to ensure that nobody get injured.

3. Still not understand eh? For example, if you drove a bus and hit a pedestrian. You were indeed not wrong because the road is yours, the padestrian was the one at fault who needs to be careful before crossing. BUT, if we set our minds with nobody will get injured when driving, this could be avoided. You know that the road was dark and had potentially an unknown pedestrian crossing by, you should slow your bus down and you would have an ample time to hit the break and by doing so, the pedestrian might not getting hurt.

4. So it is kinda win-win situation where everybody take care of themselves and literally by doing so, will of course improve our road safety culture. But this need some time. Lets start now by thinking nobody will get injured on the road. Slowly but surely...

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Anonymous said...

hmm kalu sume pk pasal diri masing2 an org lain dan berhati-hati, camtu takde keje lah dah korg, then tak yah ade miros dah..haha..just came for visiting :P

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

eh apa pulak..byk bende nak kena improve. negara mcm sweden kemalangan die dh kurang, kematian pun dh kurang dh, tp depa nak maintain bende tu..payah beb..bear in mind, vehicle on roads increasing exponentially each year and at the same time, we want to maintain the low death rate. so think.. :D

Anonymous said...

kenapa kalau bas atau lori jpj ngan polis macam tak nak tahan sgt ???

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... Please improve on your grammar!