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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hospital Patient Killed in Ambulance-Trailer Crash at Jasin

JASIN: A patient was killed and three other people were injured when an ambulance hit the back of a trailer near the Lipat Kajang toll plaza along the North-South Expressway here yesterday. This is the recent crash news from Malaysia and I found it quite irony case. An ambulance is basically used to transfer sicked patient urgently to the hospital so that the patient can be saved. But the patient is dead due to road traffic accident along the way? I've been thinking that even ambulance shouldn't be allowed to drive fast on the road.

Jasin deputy police chief Asst Supt Jasmani Othman said stroke patient Tan Hee Moi alias Tan Yi Noi, 62, died on the spot while the ambulance driver, a hospital attendant and Tan’s 21-year-old son were injured. He said the accident occurred at 2.30pm while the ambulance was taking Tan from a private hospital in Selayang to Tan’s home in Taman Maluri, Ulu Tiram, Johor.

Jasmani said the ambulance driver is believed to have lost control of the vehicle before it hit the back of the trailer laden with maize. The driver of the trailer was unhurt. The injured were taken to Jasin Hospital. Hmm see what the used of speeding and rush if the action can't guarantee your safety of the journey? We want to save a life but at the same time risking the lives of people around. How irony.

Source: TheStar Online

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Electric Cars said...

Oh my god! it is so sad to hear, that hospital patient killed in trailer crash so bad luck of him I think jasin is districts in the State of Melaka in Malaysia. Am I right?

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

yeah it was at melacca..u r right..