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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rear Seat Belt Summons Can Be Cancelled

KUALA LUMPUR: Rear passengers in vehicles not fitted with rear seat belts but who were summoned by the police or the Road Transport Deprtment (RTD) can report to the Road Safety Department (JKJR) to have their summonses cancelled. JKJR director-general Datuk Suret Singh said issuing summonses to rear passengers in vehicles not fitted with rear seat belts was against the ruling announced by his department early this year. Huh this is another job for those "faulty-offender" to go the JKJR office and the cancelled the summon. Why the mistake is done on the first place anyway?

He said he had received information of several such cases in Johor Baharu and Penang and said this may have happened due to misunderstanding of instructions issued to RTD and police personnel. "We are saddened as the issuing of summonses does not follow the policy announced by JKJR. I'm getting confused too. Couple of people keep asking me where the heck can they get the sticker for rear seatbelt exemption. I'm not sure either. As far as I know, you need to go to Proton or Perodua to get the sticker but well, can we do easier thing for most people like putting special booth at supermarket for the "exempted-car" stickers? Help people, and people will help us on the next policy (hehe it's secret).

“Those affected can report to the department and we promise to have the summonses cancelled," Suret Singh told reporters after launching the 2009 Chinese New Year road safety advocation campaign on Friday.

He said, for now, only rear passengers in vehicles with rear seat belts but who do not use them will be summoned and that JKJR had given vehicle owners three years to get rear seat belts fitted.

"However, people are reminded to have rear seat belts fitted as soon as possible for their own and their family's safety," he said.

Suret also said 100,000 old model Kancil cars would be given exemption stickers as they did not have the three 'points' that were needed to fit rear seat belts. On another note, he said JKJR with the cooperation of the RTD and the Road Safety Marshall Club (RSMC) would help motorcycle riders who did not have licenses, especially in rural areas, to obtain them.

"Many have failed their tests many times so we will help them to get through," he said.

Those interested can go to for more information, he said. In another development, Suret Singh said, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, the speed limit for federal roads would be decreased to 80km/h from 90km/h and for state roads it would be decreased to 70km/h from 80km/h from Jan 19 till Feb 2. Aiseh I just realized that it is an OPS Bersepadu already..No holidays for meh..:(

"A 'Operasi Bersepadu' over 15 days beginning Jan 19 will be conducted involving 1,200 RTD staff and 5,000 police personnel," he said.

He said the operation would involve several intervention programmes on road safety like the monitoring of express buses and drivers at 28 locations throughout the country.

Source: Thestar Online

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