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Friday, January 23, 2009

MIROS Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary At PERMATA Bangi, Selangor

MIROS Picture1. In a blinking of an eye, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has already reached its 2 years old age and powered by about 160 staffs. I feel like it is just yesterday I made the MIROS 1st anniversary post. Time is really moving fast without I realize it. What could a 2 years-old-baby can do at this moment? He/she can walk already right? I think that's the best thing to describe the institute. For the past years, the baby is progressing too fast, and in my opinion, it is time to slow the progression a bit. Why? The basic foundation of the institution must be hardened, if not, it will easily collapse.

2. Last year we celebrate the anniversary by playing bowling together with our brother, Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (JKJR). But for 2009, we were actually not celebrating it. How we celebrate something when people are dying out there? That's just too irony right? Road safety is not something that I can compromise.

3. As stated in my road safety philosophy, When an airplane crashed, 100 persons died and the news will be remembered for at least 6 months. However, during those 6 months time, do you know that more than hundred thousands people died in the road crashes? Thus, some kind of promotion on the road safety issues need to be done and this will not only benefit Malaysia, but also to the whole world. Let's make the road safe for everyone. Let's work harder for 2009!

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CJ said...

Kind of like this blog but I am curious as to why MIROS when you already have the Road Safety Department? We can research and build the best and safest road and highways, but what's the point if enforcement is not there??? The government dare not remove old vehicles from the road - not even to impose the requirement to have them properly inspected before allowing roadtax renewal! Just take 5 minutes on a busy road, those vehicles never failed to bletch our thick black smoke into your face! In Copenhagen, we take about how best Malaysia can take care of the environment, but back home - it is lackadaisical attidude as usual; government and politician aliked!

People just do not seem to care about safety, even if it is to do with their life or their family's...

Many just simply cannot afford their own car but they were forced to own one simply because the public transport system is just too bad. At least they make a life betting - to own a bike...