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Friday, January 23, 2009

Smart Style for the Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is another fast, sporty car - which when driven recklessly can be potentially dangerous. Though it looks fast, and can go fast, it's important to drive this sportscar responsibly on the roads and highways. But just because it's not going fast doesn't mean it can't look, sound, and feel great - even while obeying the speed limit.

The 2009 base model starts at $49,415, so you definitely want to protect that investment by driving safely and taking other precautions to keep it looking showroom perfect, such as investing in Corvette seat covers. And when upgrading your suspension components, for more safety and handling, choose an oversized Corvette rim with an oversized height and width. Who knows - a new Corvette exhaust might even help out pedestrians to know when to cross.

And if we're talking about fast Corvettes, no conversation would be complete without mention of the Z06. Its aggressive style and performance make it tempting to drive this car too quickly on the road -but remember, it's better to take those kind of urges to a track and receive professional instruction under controlled conditions. Don't endanger others! And if you have a C6 and want to get the style, some Corvette Z06 wheels will get you that sleek, high-performance look too - or take it to the track for a track-day outing.

Safety is as much about knowing your car's limitations as it is about driving the speed limit. The high-powered Corvette isn't suited to driving in wet or icy conditions - so remember to put it away under a Corvette car cover when the weather turns bad, instead of trying to pretend you're a drift car driver. Your Corvette will appreciate it - and so will you.

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