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Friday, April 24, 2009

Chinese GS Motor Cheap Car Sold in Walmart!

1. India is not the only country in the world which release very cheap and affordable cars (Tartar) for people as China just recently join the "parade" of cheap cars. In fact, the Chinese GS Motor car has been sold 4000 units in Mexico last year and don't be shocked if I told you they sold in the supermarket such as Wal-mart and Tesco!

2. For most people, safety is the most important element to be considered when buying a car. But, for poor people, safety comes with the price. As a result many people in 3rd countries used motorcycle as a mean of transportation. As a result the death rate on the road is increasing each year.

3. Cheap cars from Tartar and GS motor are indeed very lack of safety features required for a good car but in my opinion, compared to the motorcycle which been frequently used in India and Chine, these cheap cars are somewhat 10 times better.

Auto critics have ridiculed the cars for both design and quality flaws. But hey, Japanese and Korean cars once received the same treatment. And I think it’s safe to say that Honda and Toyota got their footing. Hybrid Cars reported that GS is building an assembly plant in Michoacan, Mexico, with the China-based FAW Group who has formed joint ventures with automobile giants such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Mazda. GS Motors will launch the FAW brand in Mexico this year with the F1 Hatchback, an entry-level car sold for under $5,500. FAW, one of the largest Chinese automakers, is allied in China with Volkswagen.

4. In conclusion, it is a matter of choice. Please optimize your safety practice on the road. For example, using car is better than motorcycle, and if you can't get great safety car, please improve your driving style. I hope this might optimize your safety on the road.


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