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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Single Type Vehicle Accident and Driving Tips

1. What is an airborne-type rollover? If we look on any car carefully, the top of the vehicle usually did not have scratches but only crumple damages which indicate they were actually indirect damages caused by direct damage at either left or right side of the car. What is the initial cause of rollover? The first impact should be from the side of the car. The driver hit any road furniture and then, impulsively will try to steer back the car to the opposite site and this sudden steer will be the cause of rollover where the right-side tyres got all the weight and being a pivot for rollover to happen as shown in figure below.

Mazda Galway Crash 32. Based on my knowledge, rollover type of accidents are usually not involving fatalities, except during the accident, the vehicle got second collision with other things.

3. Feeling sleepy due to fatigue is a normal scenario among drivers. But even so, it is not an excuse or being a reason to blame if anything happens. As a driver, you are responsible for your life and especially those occupants inside the car you drive. Well, this is what I usually did when I feel sleepy:

a) Stop at any gas station or rest area to buy a cup of strong coffee. Before heading back to the car, I'll buy at least 2 units of energy booster drinks like Tongkat Ali Poweroot, Livita or Redbulls. Yeah some of you might say, "It is very expensive, especially those sell at the rest area". It is very true, but instead of thinking that they are expensive, asks yourself, which one is more expensive, the live (s) inside the car or those drinks.

b) Slap your face hard when you feel sleepy. I really did this and ouchhh..

c) Chat with somebody inside the car. Don't let everybody sleeps in the car or if they did, tuned on radio loudly so they can't sleep haha.

d) Sing a song loudly if you were alone. Doesn't matter if your voice good or bad, nobody knows but make sure your car windows are closed as we don't want to be the cause of other vehicle accident. And sing slowly if there was somebody else inside the car.

e) Open your energy booster drinks and drink it. Remember, you already bought these and please use them.

f) If all of above are not working, I will just pull off and sleep somewhere. :)

4. I hope this post will be a lesson for the readers and my tips on how to feel fresh all the time during long journey travel will somewhat benefit you.

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