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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vauxhall Need Government Help to Save 5,000 UK Jobs

vauxvall1. The bailout game is not only played in the United States, but also in UK. Just recently, the car manufacturer Vauxhall has today rejected claims that industry leaders held secret talks with government ministers to secure financial assistance amid the global credit crisis. Is it true?

2. According to the reports, Vaxuhall bosses approached Business Secretary Lord Mandleson last week in a bid to secure financial support for its car-part suppliers and dealerships. Vauxhall bosses had met with Lord Mandleson to seek a financial guarantee to protect its 5,000 UK workers, The Times claimed. Hmm..why hiding the fact, just admit that you are actually facing a huge problem.

3. A number of motoring companies attended talks with Government officials' representatives to discuss the effects of the global credit crunch on the industry last week. But a Vauxhall spokesman said no such money talk had taken place between them and government representatives. Haha go deny it when you still can.

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