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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mitsubishi Evo 10: Malaysian New Patrol Police Cars [Photos]

Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 1
1. When my big brother told me that Royal Malaysian Police (RMP or PDRM) is upgrading their Proton Waja to Mitsubishi Evo 10, I laughed. I said no way! What I know so far, they already upgrade some of their patrol cars to Volvo and I've seen one at Putrajaya.

2. However, I go surfed the Internet and the news is actually true. They have been out already! Is the purchase just for the needs or style? Anyhow, good luck to those racers out there! Runnnnn..but wait up, please ensure safety first ok!

Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 2
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 3
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 4
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 5
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 6

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purba said...

Malaysia is a lame nation based on ridiculous fabricated history and plagiarized culture.
Historically, Malaysia was a Javanese backwater populated with Minang and Riau peasants, pirates, brigands and British collaborators.
Much like today.

Its' giant neighbor Indonesia has a better police car: at least one undercvoer Veyron, or Bentley whenever it wants- but also several Eurocopter and one Sukhoi on call. Indonesian police is a sub-branch of the military- Indonesia is a brave martial nation of historically magnificence and Javanese Empire.
Malaysia is not- merely a lame British fabrication.
Yet again Lame Malaysia looses.
Very Lame.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

chill out bro.
why hate malaysia so much?

Anonymous said...

y shouldn't we hate? does it really necessary to buy EVO X? from what i heard.. 23 of them. Isn't the super Neo CPS is good enough? well, proton are so proud of it.. how about the v6? are they trying to impersonate Japan for having R34 as the patrol car? corruption. corrupted. n more corruption.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Indonesia uses such vehicle means their country got more problems compared to Malaysia. They have over billions of citizen and millions of them are jobless. So, this is where criminal rate increases. Bah, Malaysia worst? Think again. Dont just throw all wat u think at PDRM. So shallow minded

Anonymous said...

purba still purba.
Purba means kuno.

Michelle said...

Wow. Can you image being a criminal and getting chased by this little car? I bet it intimidates criminals and helps lower the crime rate just by having these fast little sports cars patrol the streets.